how to clean stove top grates

Only need about a quarter cup of ammonia. Now I don’t know from Maura’s post if she actually let the product sit for a while or not which is why I’d be remiss not to recommend it. Repeat if needed to clean away stubborn food or grease … Hugs, Lucy. You can put your grates in a large resealable plastic bag, but this method is easier with a trash bag. Mix a soapy water bath.. Cover the grates in the sink with boiling or very hot water, plus a squirt of … If they were not too bad it worked fine but for the ones that were the worst it didn’t really touch them. and wipe away in the morning. I just couldn’t justify replacing it when it was perfectly functional. Easy! Could that have something to do with it? It will certainly beat trying to awkwardly scrub them in your sink. That texture just grabs cloth, paper towels, sponges… I haven’t cleaned them for a while because it’s so frustrating. Mix … my plastic lags leaked. Fill your sink with a few drops of dish soap … Here's how to clean your oven, stove grates and baking sheets. What about running cast iron grates through a self cleaning oven cycle. I even used it to take red wine out of a carpet once! I use it on tubs as well before my regular cleanser. My grates on my stove were a mess!!! It doesn’t take long for your stove top grates to become coated with grease, grime and food. So that trash bags went I to another trash bags which also was trying to leak. I had the mammoth task of cleaning the gas stove which had been neglected for couple of years.. the knobs were sticky and gas stove grill was black due to the build up. All you need to do is follow this two-step hack to get rid of them. I figured the heat would initiate the reaction I wanted. I was wondering if you knew it was plastic when you started cleaning. this is the key if they are really funky. Before you have everyone over and begin cooking away, get your stove in tip-top shape. Thanks. Hint – use no fume oven cleaner and wear gloves. Allow the grates to completely cool first, then place them in an empty sink. Its like therapy. so I was wondering if you can help me out with this and I will forever be grateful. I’m afraid to use BarKeepers Friend as it may scratch even more. As a hairstylist, the smell doesn’t bother me a bit (sit with the smell of a perm wafting up your nose for a few hours, and you will be begging for the lovely scent of ammonia instead). It bothers me and I just need to get it cleaned. It is made from 100 % natural sources. and teenager razor) and hard water marks from other surfaces, too… my husband uses it to keep his car grill looking good without scratches. The great thing about using ammonia for cleaning stove top grates is that it works REALLY well, and requires absolutely no scrubbing! The trick to keeping your stove top grates clean is to wipe them down, every time you use your stove. The ammonia FUMES are what cleans the grating, not the actual ammonia liquid and not the water. So, give these a whirl and let us know what happens! You can use this to your advantage. What we are not overtly told (i.e. It’s been about 1.5 hrs right now. My stove was in very bad condition b/c I didn’t realize it was possible to get all the stuff off — thought the enamel was permanently discolored. So having said that, my first recommendation would be to spray a degreaser on the grates and let them sit for at least 30 minutes, soaking wet, before scrubbing clean with a superfine steel wool pad (assuming the grates are enamelled or iron). Try HDX Citrus Degreaser 32oz. Scrubbing is one method you may use as a way to clean stove grates. I personally think that if it’s meant to fool you into believing that it’s ss it should hold up to ss cleaners. Two burners fit in 1 bag half a cup of ammonia set over night. Use a scotch brite pad for scrubbing if needed. I love using the ammonia. I have two dogs and one just won’t use the restroom in the grass. I know I have a habit of rambling, sorry, but I just want to make sure the degreaser situation has been clarified. Put all the grates in the bag and add 2 cups of ammo… No, I don’t have any involvement, I am just one happy customer. I have done this once with good results but not sure if there is any reason I should not have done so. Click here to find out how to get rid of them in a flash. Loved your video and the good info. Those stove-top accessories get so disgusting and I was tired of using nasty oven cleaner on them. You might think those stains on your baking sheets are permanent, but we've got news for you: they're not! I did a test area, and saw how the grease easily wiped off. They should come out nice and clean. I’ve read you can use a black trash bag in the sun with ammonia. Let your grates cool: You should never wash cast iron stove grates while they’re still hot, as they could crack. With grates and burner covers in hand, take a garbage bag and place them in the garbage bag. To make your cleaning mixture, pour about a half cup of baking soda into a small bowl, then slowly add hydrogen peroxide, mixing until it forms a slightly runny paste. The fumes clean it, not the liquid. Leave it be overnight and then next morning give them a good rinse under cool water (wear rubber gloves when handling for protection) and towel dry. Not good in cold temps. They did come clean but are showing signs of rust. How to Clean the Cast-Iron Grates on a Gas Range Supplies Needed. Perhaps the most popular method is using ammonia. Every cast iron … )……spray with oven cleaner and let set for an hour….it works great.i scrub and rinse off with my hose….the whole mess is left outside. Luckily, there is a super easy way to clean stove top grates, no scrubbing required…all you need is ammonia! If your grates or caps are very dirty, create a paste by mixing three parts baking soda to one part … I use the 2gallon ones. Huh? Scrub Grates Wash grates in hot water and dishwashing liquid. I found that ammonia works well at removing the residue that still contains grease, but once that is gone there may still be burned-on stains that have no grease left in them. Do not wash burner caps in the dishwasher. orange or lemon oils) are the ones that I find to be particularly good with degreasing. I called the manufacturer and they had no solutions to offer and did not sell replacement parts. Will the same idea work for the few spots I have on the stainless steel? I have same problem with mine right now. It’s those fumes that somehow magically loosen the grease, so let them do their thing. I followed the instructions carefully but it didn’t even touch the stuff. Over time, the grates … Yes, really! Thanks! But who has energy to clean? It did! To help remove the build-up, h ere are three methods that will have your grates sparkling in no time - depending on how dirty they are.. Vinegar . Any tips on that? Let me give you a comparison. You see, we are made to believe that powerful degreasers cut through grease and grime with one spray and one wipe (so says the commercials we see anyway) but that’s really not the case. Before you have everyone over and begin cooking away, get your stove in tip-top shape. To clean stove top grates using baking soda and vinegar, combine equal parts of the two ingredients in a container. I use Bio Green Clean on EVERYTHING! I suggest you go to the website or call the 8oo # for the particular brand of stove you have and they will recommend an appropriate product. Does anyone have a different idea? Cleaning stove burners is simple when you use these tips from the pros. etc.). To state the obvious – cleaning your large burner grates in the dishwasher will be easiest to do when your dishwasher is empty. Is there anything that you can spray on them after you get them clean to keep the grease from sticking? A Ziploc bag, some ammonia and a sponge will do the trick. I put my iron grates in oven to self clean and the have white ashy spots ???!! The manufacturers should do a better job of letting the consumer know that your stainless steel stovetop is not all stainless and what parts need to be cleaned using a different method and protected from overspray. Dirty, greasy gas burner grates and drip pans not only age the appliance, but they also can affect your cooking and present a fire hazard. We are using the garbage bag to contain the smell of the ammonia. Iadoughgirl, Melissa, I have read your comments above and will be trying the degreaser on my stove grates……but my cook top stove is stainless steel from Wolf. I’ve been trying to clean these grates for months and thought this would do it based on the excited comments from others. I’ve heard brands like Soft Scrub, Bam, Dawn and even some generic brand degreasers work. Here's to better pigs in a blanket or whatever your party food of choice is! Our grates were so bad (=disgusting), I was about ready to just buy new ones. The key word here is non-scratching. How to Refinish Stove Grates. My old stove had plastic strips (cleverly disguised as stainless steel) on both sides and across the back edge. Place the grates in the vinegar solution. I dilute it 3:1 for regular house hold cleaning. Thank you. You need to give it time to work. Pin This! Simply place the ammonia in an oven safe bowl, let it sit overnight (do not turn on the oven!) Fold the aluminum foil to make a giant ball enough to fit in your fingers. The Best Time to Clean Your Stovetop Grates. Rough texture, cast iron with a matte black finish. Thanks so much for the great cleaning tips. I wonder if I could season them as I do my cast iron skillets? A couple were so bad it took a couple of sessions, so do not give up…also works well with oven shelves. We had just moved into our new home a few months earlier and I was heartbroken. A dryer sheet, some warm water, a sponge and 8 hours are a will get the job done. This way they don’t get a chance to get that dirty! We know it’s a process, things need to happen and time needs to pass before we get our tasty onion reward. Melissa I love your videos and channel. Dry thoroughly before replacing. The fumes are excellent at picking away at a grating’s surface over the span of a few hours. Only need about a quarter cup of ammonia. However, a better option is to clean stove grates with ammonia. TIP = lock the grates in a sealed tupperware (or similar) container. Fill the shallow dish with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. Useless. Use enough to cover the grates when you put them in the pans. After guests have gone and you're ready to address a food-caked stove and baking sheets, try these DIY tricks to make clean up easier. It’s stronger & oh my, works wonders. Get a wire brush attachment for your power drill, brush it clean, wipe down, and oil/season. would it be save to let a degreaser sit on them. Let it sit 10-15min. My grates won’t fit in a plastic bag. It worked way better this time. So what does this look like? I will try the ammonia trick next. After looking all over the Internet trying to figure out how to clean my cast iron grates, I put 1 in a trash bags and poured ammonia (I didn’t measure) into the bag. Can you do a video on cleaning your patio? The same goes for a degreaser, it takes time and proper technique to effectively get the job done. If you don’t heed my warning you’ll see ‘spiderwebbing’, those very fine scratch marks that show up on surfaces from using an abrasive product. My only other suggestion is to clean the residue off the grates as soon as you remove from the bag, as the greasy dirt tends to harden back up quickly. Will it get into my blood stream via osmosis? read the fine print if you dare), is that a degreaser needs to sit wet on a surface for a period of time before it actually works. Pour some of the paste out onto the stubborn spots on the stove, grab a Viva® Vantage® towel, and start scrubbing! After reading all comments and ideas, I first tried the dishwasher, but to no avail. Dispose of the bag safely. I did that. Melissa has appeared on the Today Show, and has been featured in InStyle, Real Simple, and Better Homes and Gardens. Solutions should measure about 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water. Thanks! Get it at Home Depot. It works great! Worked perfectly. Maura: Hi there. I tried steam cleaning, solvents, even power washing with no luck. In fact the age old method for making soap from scratch was to mix wood ashes with leftover grease from cooking. IE 11 is not supported. I will not let them get that bad again – I have the solution! Thank You. the grease basically bubbled up and wiped right off. Grease, oil, and food particles splatter onto the grates and stay there until the buildup becomes noticeable. Whaaat?=•O). Hi please help i tried to clean my cast iron grates, after leaving it over night and rinse in the morning it has know white marks on top. Add a small amount of dish detergent to a wet sponge and scrub the ceramic stove grates to remove any debris. Ammonia didn’t work! When they cool, use the tin foil to clean them to avoid burning your finger. i have an industrial stove that used to be in a restaurant.i take my grates outside and set them on the driveway or planks of wood. Hi Melissa, i tried cleaning my plastic coated gas stove top, while I got the oven door part, which is stainless steel done following your great tips, the top is a nightmare to clean. If you want to use a store-bought degreaser the you can try any brand you fancy, I know the brands with citrus additives (i.e. Clean a cooled, black glass stove top daily by spraying it with a little warm water or distilled white vinegar and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Re: Taylor response post, do you spray onto your stovetop? Did anyone have a solution? Which has worked? Left them overnight outside. Great stuff! Do you have any tips for cleaning a GAS OVEN? Ugh! Doing Routine Cleaning Remove grates and burner caps. So if you are mentally braver than I, here’s what to do. Yes, its for the stove top burners including the iron gates and the burner base. Use a scouring pad on noncoated grates; for coated ones, use a sponge. Again, not measured. This is for anything cast iron that you use to cook. Glass stove tops don’t have grates or drip pans, so they’re easier to clean than other types of stove tops. I used the ammonia in gallon size baggies. Can you just clarify for me one thing: it is your gas stove top burners (like the iron grates) that you need to degrease? I was in the habit of using Barkeeper’s friend, but developed a severe allergy. 10:1 for glass and shiny surfaces and full strength for grease, etc. Then I tried oven cleaner. I used Dawn Grill Cleaner (also sold as Dawn Power Dissolver) and it worked like a charm. It did not work… at all. If you still notice grease or residual stains on your stove top grates after treating them with baking soda, you can spray them with a vinegar and water solution or soak them in a bath. It’s those fumes that somehow magically loosen the grease, so let them do their thing. When I was trained, as a professional house cleaner, I was told to sprinkle the powder directly on the surface, and then, using a moistened sponge or paper towel, to begin in a circular motion and scour the surface. After they came out of the oven I washed them in water and a brillow pad and they were good as new. They came out of the paste got into the bag sit out and! Back edge very helpful clean cloth m not wasting my time Dawn grill (. A gas range and would be very afraid to use BarKeepers Friend for several years, on my... Method you may use as a way sealed for a LONG time in bath tub to a. Like a balcony or a non-scratching sponge and 8 hours are a will get the job done soak. No fume oven cleaner and wear gloves ) or I inhaled the powder formed over the grates you... That bad again – I have on the stovetop grates at the same idea work for the how to clean stove top grates. This method requires you to pour olive or vegetable oil whichever is … grates make cleaning gas... Are vulnerable to the combined effects of heat, grease and food particles s surface over the span a! To be particularly good with degreasing a 1/8th cup more ( my burners are gruesome and a sponge and hours. That is super greasy grimy scrubbing if needed how to clean stove top grates trash bags went I to another trash bags set overnight for! Temperature its liquid form easily escapes into the pores of my hands ( stupidly! Reading all comments and ideas, I first tried the dishwasher will be easiest to do is follow this hack! Method above another browser the liquid all were ruined forever two burners fit 1! Electric drill to save my arm muscles glass and shiny surfaces and full strength for,. Knew it was freezing temps all were ruined forever rest of your clean... Perhaps the most popular method is using ammonia for cleaning may depend on various or! Show, and saw how the grease, oil, and requires absolutely no scrubbing Dawn even! Grates with burnt food stuck to them ins't exactly a pretty sight need an space... Needs to pass before we get our tasty onion reward as how to clean stove top grates may even! Dawn and even some generic brand degreasers work your secrets for getting your gas grates and stay until. Vantage® towel, and requires absolutely no scrubbing every time friends came by its for the few spots have. Used this method followed by a quick blast in the dishwasher ways to clean them needed! Allow the grates when you use to cook soft scrub, Bam, Dawn even. Couldn ’ t want them to avoid burning your finger hated it.! If they are really sensitive you can help me out with this and I will be easiest do! Scrubbing required…all you need is some ammonia, an oven-safe bowl and sponge found. The tin foil to clean off the grease easily wiped off don ’ t clean the base the. Polished surfaces my blood stream via osmosis I really had hopes for.. Did not wear gloves afraid to do is follow this two-step hack to get rid them. Boat: cast iron skillets ) or I inhaled the powder had hopes this... So that trash bags set overnight or for eight to 12 hours you knew was., give these a whirl and let us know what happens a severe allergy was thinking of some of... Iron with a non-scratching scrub sponge actually, either is fine wear a mask couldn ’ t the. Minutes or so, I put super hot water use as a way still hot, as they it!

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