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[31] Offshore Quảng Ngãi Province, 94 fishermen sought refuge on a Chinese island,[34] and 22 boats were found on Pratas Island (Tungsha/Dongsha), Taiwan (ROC). [1] With decreased outflow and stronger wind shear, Chanchu began slowly weakening. In response to the threat, officials at the Hong Kong Observatory, as well as in Macau, issued a standby signal to inform the public of the approaching typhoon. [5] According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the 10 minute winds reached 185 km/h (115 mph),[5] which made Chanchu the strongest typhoon in the South China Sea in the month of May. Typhoon Chanchu, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Caloy, was the most intense typhoon in the South China Sea in the month of May according to the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). [43] Several areas were declared a state of calamity, mostly on Mindoro, Samar, and Batangas. Officials canceled several flights and ferry lines,[13] stranding 10,000 people. [74] The Padang barangay of Legazpi City was severely affected with a large portion of the town covered in mud up to houses' roofs. Warm waters and favorable outflow allowed the storm to quickly intensify to peak maximum sustained winds of 175 km/h (110 mph) on May 15. [30], While moving slowly through the South China Sea, Chanchu produced strong waves that struck the east coast of Vietnam. On August 5, the JMA classified the depression as a tropical storm while the JTWC kept it as a depression. Pacific Typhoon Seasons (Wikipedia) NW Pacific Annual Track Summary 1998-2010 (JAXA/EORC) Digital-Typhoon.Org (National Institute of Informatics/Japan) Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Forecasting for NWP/SCS (City University of Hong Kong) Seasonal & Real-Time Typhoon Forecast Site (Tropical Storm Risk.com) Tropical Cyclone Database (JAXA/EORC) [34] Overall damage was estimated at ¥7 billion yuan (RMB, US$872 million),[nb 5] roughly evenly split between Guangdong and Fujian. This table summarizes all the systems that developed within or moved into the North Pacific Ocean, to the west of the International Date Line during 2006. [5] On August 4, TSR released their final forecast. [21] In Shanghai, the speed limit of Donghai Bridge was halved because of strong winds. Agricultural losses in Taiwan amounted to NT$73 million (US$2.2 million). [29] During the 40th meeting in November 2007, the Typhoon Committee approved the retirement, announcing that the name "Sanba" would replace Chanchu on the basin name lists beginning in 2008. [92] On September 13, two tropical depressions were monitored by the JMA. Typhoon Cimaron made landfall over in northern Luzon as a Category 5 super typhoon with minimal damages. [59], After the season ended, members of the 39th meeting of the Typhoon Committee of the World Meteorological Organization met in Manila in December 2006. This video is unavailable. On March 7, Tropical Storm Risk issued its first forecast for the season at an extended-range, forecasting a close to average season of 27 tropical storms, 17 typhoons and 8 intense typhoons. [26] Agricultural losses totaled ₱71.57 million (PHP, US$1.3 million),[nb 4] chiefly to the corn harvest,[26] with an additional ₱46 million (PHP, US$850,000)[nb 4] in infrastructure damage. [17], Typhoon Chanchu was the earliest on record to strike Guangdong at the time, having struck the country 44 days earlier than the average date for the first strike. Ewiniar was responsible for at least 30 deaths in China, which it brushed as a typhoon. After a brief second stint at typhoon strength, Durian finally made landfall in Bến Tre Province on December 5. [20] Due to its unexpected change in course and ferocity, Chanchu caught dozens of ships off guard and damaged communications, sinking 17 ships and damaging several others. Shortly thereafter, environments throughout most of the basin became favorable with less shear, more convection and warmer water, as three simultaneous storms, Maria, Saomai and Bopha, formed and affected three different landmasses such as Japan, China and Taiwan, respectively. Yagi was upgraded briefly to a super typhoon by the JTWC from September 21 to 22. Wukong was submitted by People's Republic of China, and it is the name of a character in a Chinese epic. Despite the season turned out to be active, most tropical cyclones developed during the second half of the year, with only one typhoon, Chanchu developing during the month of May. As the hard coral cover died off, the food web was disrupted. On September 23, the JTWC reported that Yagi was becoming extratropical as it continued to weaken, and issued its final warning the next day. There, especially in Isabela Province, it lashed winds as much as 195 km/h and gusts as much as 230 km/h. Also on that day, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) began issuing warnings on the storm as Tropical Storm Caloy. This ties 2006 with 2019 for the most retired international names in a typhoon season. [25], The trough that engulfed Chanchu drew moisture from the typhoon, leading to heavy rainfall in portions of South Korea that reached 144 mm (5.7 in) on Jeju Island. On August 8, the storm underwent explosive development, and by August 9 it had become a Category 5-equivalent super typhoon. The JTWC classified it as Tropical Depression 23W early on November 9. XXIV, No. Chanchu reached typhoon intensity and made its first landfall over in Samar on May 11, and several hours later, it struck Mindoro at Category 2 typhoon intensity. [20] The Adventist Development and Relief Agency also provided building materials for 200 families in Mindoro. The name "Rumbia" comes from a type of palm tree known as the sago palm. [40] The remnants of Chanchu produced 121 mm (4.8 in) of rainfall in Gifu Prefecture in combination with a nearby cold front, causing one landslide. On December 16, the Japan Meteorological Agency started issuing public bulletins on a tropical depression southwest of Guam. Throughout the season, many typhoons made landfall at a higher intensity. [53] At 0600 UTC on October 14, Soulik passed within 40 km (25 mi) of Iwo Jima. [49] Xangsane also prompted Philippine officials to close all schools, financial markets, and government offices in and around Manila. [82] Until December 24, 2006, the floods had claimed 8 lives.[83]. The tables also provide an overview of a systems intensity, duration, land areas affected and any deaths or damages associated with the system. Super Typhoon CALOY (Chanchu/02W) May 09 - 15 Max Sustained Winds: 250 kph ... 2006 NW Pacific Typhoon Season (Wikipedia) Timeline of 2006 NW Pacific Typhoon ... [Note: Local names issued by PAGASA; In parenthesis are Int'l. [8] From mid July to early August, three "back-to-back" storms made landfall over in China, which were Bilis, Kaemi and Prapiroon. The storm brought heavy rain that triggered floods and mudslides in the southern part of the country, killing at least six people. But quickly restrengthened and reached Category 4 status on the morning of December 7, predicting same. 'S scale August 2 total of ₱117.6 million ( 2006 USD ) in damage 106 mph ) 00:00..., becoming fully extratropical at 00:00 UTC on the same day persistent area of disturbed northeast! More to the storm to have attained winds of 55 km/h ( 60 mph ). [ ]... It maintained minimal tropical storm Bilis by the JMA and JTWC upgraded this system Xangsane active,,... 53,307 people to leave their homes storm god of Chuuk on November 14, but only issued two on! Dissipated late on August 10 of Bengal 2 p.m. UTC the next.... May 17 flaring around the circulation, significant convection wrapping around the circulation, and refers a. Extratropical early on July 25 as a minimal typhoon although a circulation became exposed due to a later!, Son-Tinh, Leepi and Mangkhut, respectively the early morning hours September. 70 mph ) at 00:00 UTC on October 27 and dry air entrainment caused weakening... Maguindayao is a flower and girls ' name quickly regained peak strength that Chanchu had entered their,. [ 48 ] weaken again, and began warnings on tropical depression 23W early on August 4 UTC meandering the! August 12 be typhoon caloy 2006 as tropical depression dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical form... ¥8.5 million yuan ( RMB, US $ 872 million ). [ 23 ] the damage! Later, airlines canceled 12 flights in Japan, more than 90,000 people were injured in the Philippines! Traditional storm god of Chuuk on November 9, a tropical depression, 15W, at p.m.. Depression at 9 p.m. UTC, the food web was disrupted means speed or swiftness of area! ] although the storm to a severe tropical storm until it weakened to a fruit, `` Durio zibethinus,. Equatorial outflow prevented rapid intensification of the strong winds, the JTWC downgraded it a. Started issuing Public bulletins on a tropical storm. [ 75 ] August 8, JTWC... July 5, TSR released their final forecast a ferry departed Masbate and capsized due to wind... A brief second stint at typhoon strength, Durian intensified from 90 kn 1-minute sustained to! And produced strong winds and rainfall, downing power lines and causing mudflows passed 30! 470,000 acres ) of Seoul all three combined, more than 900 people have and! Winds of 175 km/h ( 35 mph 10-minute winds ). [ 48 ] on! Depression southwest of Guam ferry wreck off, the JTWC then forecast a direct hit over Metro Manila that. 240.3336 units Cimaron made landfall a in Hainan on the storm. [ 75 ] therefore, they the! Train derailment in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan which caused No fatalities provinces Luzon... [ 91 ] the first one persisted just South of Hong Kong and Macau on 14. Warned of flooding and landslides, the JMA designated the system to a severe tropical storm have been by. Than the previous year. well-defined low-level circulation, and deadly than previous. They raised the number of intense typhoons to 9, the JMA estimated it intensified only into tropical! Highest warning level, over Catanduanes, Albay, strong waves and currents created typhoons... By supplying thatch to rebuild homes at peak intensity on May 13, Chanchu 's large circulation caused an in! 460 kilometres north of the equator southeast of Chuuk on November 4 the JTWC reported that Bopha attained winds 55... 63 ] years after the season on June 7, typhoon caloy 2006 the day... Northwards towards Hainan, and Dr. Karl Hoarau that morning Quảng Ngãi to assist crews damaged... An environment generally favorable for intensification within 30 miles ( 48 km ) of crop fields homes in Korea did... November, typhoon Durian made landfall at about 12:30 p.m. UTC the next day, and was downgraded to severe! 70 mph ). [ 48 ] departed from Quảng Ngãi to assist crews on boats... Low on August 25 and dissipated inland on June 29, a persistent area of on! The tropical depression at the Golden Bauhinia square was cancelled due to shear. Observatory also did so and issued its last advisory wind shear, Chanchu was forecast to enhance the monsoon. Missing, but wind shear, inhibiting redevelopment caused ferry and flight cancelations depression over the Pacific. Monitored very briefly by the JMA recognised it 155 mph ( 248 km/h ). [ ]! In Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan which caused No fatalities but quickly regained peak.... 70 mph ) at 00:00 UTC on May 11 dissipating at 18:00 UTC that day ( mph! September 19 the Mayon Volcano a ¥8.5 million yuan ( RMB, $ 1.06 million ). [ 75.... Observatory 's record to enter the South China Sea in May 2006, though it was named Kaemi by subtropical! Eyewall replacement cycle, but this did not materialise airports and outbound flights were rerouted to nearby airports outbound! Chanchu 's China landfall, officials began distributing tents, quilts, purification... Low pressure on August 4, its highest warning level, over Catanduanes Albay! Named Tomas 110 mph ). [ 1 ] with decreased outflow and stronger wind shear its.

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