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Set your group apart. Checks are payable to your group. Good fundraising ideas for a school include organizing cool and fun events, like car washes, sport events, golf tournaments, fun runs, raffles, parties and so forth. For maximum results, you need an incentive program for your sellers. Cookie Dough Drop™ is a great way to for groups of all kinds, schools, teams, clubs and more to raise funds. Fill out the form below for … A once forbidden treat is now ready to eat! Your profit is the difference between what you collect and the invoice amount. Our favorite holiday pick is Snickerdoodle, a buttery sweet flavor topped with cinnamon. Bake for about 2-3 minutes longer than the original recipe recommends. Once the order is unloaded, please organize boxes in a numerical order for easy distribution. 3. On delivery day, please have some volunteers to unload your order as it will arrive in a big truck. Fundrazor provides all the materials to get you started with no upfront costs. With Fundrazor, this problem is solved. That’s because, just like your organization, Mrs Fields started with Great Tasting cookies…and a dream! First, select a cookie dough program. Edible cookie dough is so good we find … First, select a cookie dough program. After receiving your fundraising packets, have your participants pre-collect payment on everything sold. 29 products. Group orders by team, then enter on to the spreadsheet. FREE Brochures Huge variety. Once your spread sheet is received, we can get you an invoice. © 2020 Big Fundraising Ideas All rights reserved. frozen cookie dough pucks. Read more here. Our colorful cookie dough brochures will be a great asset to those participants actively selling. Cookie Dough Fundraisers Are Profitable & Fun In addition to being the most popular pre-portioned cookie dough fundraiser, these delicious cookies are also the best fundraising value out there, bar none. It's also Kosher certified. box contains 32 (1oz.) We can provide your group with your very own ONLINE Cookie Dough Store. Reserve a community room or gymnasium if possible. Typically about 3-4 volunteers for every 1000 items is sufficient. Cookie dough fundraisers make a lot of sense because you are offering a product people expect to purchase from a fundraising group and that can be offered at a competitive price that does not seem to be overpriced. Kosher Dairy Certified. No preservatives or trans fat. The selling period is typically about 2-3 weeks. Each student receives a catalog, order form and prize flyer. Each 2 lb. Offer the finest in gourmet cookie dough fundraising. TIP: Earn even more by selling cookies and tubs at your next bake sale. 15 pre-portioned cookie dough flavors. 2. You can also add cookies into other grassroots fundraisers. A simple signed agreement is all that is required on your part. Cookie Dough Fundraiser Tips! Today it remains one of the most popular school fundraisers. According to the South Florida Reporter, Americans eat about 300 cookies every year. Once you're sale is over, send us your order forms for processing. Cookie dough fundraisers are one of the most popular fundraisers for schools, sports, and church groups to raise money. 7. Cookie dough is usually well-received by your supporters. Don’t take chances with your elementary school cookie dough fundraiser. Our profit structures ensure that you will make the most money for your elementary school cookie dough fundraiser. This allows us to neatly prepackage and label all boxes for each seller. All prizes are cumulative. Make sure to tell everyone to collect money up front with the orders. Want more info about Otis Fundraising? A Cookie Dough Fundraiser that Reaps Sweet Rewards Cookie dough fundraisers are one of the most popular and effective methods of raising funds for cheerleading groups, churches, schools and sports teams. 2. This equates to 35,000 cookies in a lifetime! This will expedite the distribution process. Our edible dough contains no eggs. Our cookie dough fundraising brochure will help you raise the money you need this year. Fundrazor realizes that our customers are volunteers who generously sacrifice their time to a cause they are passionate about. Everyone wants cookies come November 1st. Cookies are present in approximately 68% of households in the US. Here at Club's Choice Fundraising, we've helped hundreds of groups, large and small, for over 30 years. For example, at snack tables, parties, or field days. Simple as your elementary school selling just 1200 boxes of our cookie dough. And seriously, who doesn’t love fresh baked cookies? Top 20 selling flavors. Incentives to make your fundraiser even more successful! Ashley Farms is the #1 cheesecake fundraiser in the country. Aim to show up in the morning or late afternoon when students are feeling hungriest. Yes. The Fundrazor Prize Program rewards everyone for their participation level. Pat yourself on the back, you just made a lot of money!!! In another study, 21% of people say they eat at least 10 cookies a week. Profits up to 50% and free prizes if you choose or a 2% cash rebate. Remember, successful fundraising requires teamwork. The 'Ultimate Cookie Collection' offers a gluten-free chocolate chip option. Elementary Schools big and small typically make 5% more profit with Fundrazor than other internet based cookie dough fundraising companies with our generous profit structure. You school, daycare, or group can earn up to 50% profit. The taste of homemade has never been this easy! No. That cookie dough could be in their warehouse for 45-60 days and sometimes longer before it arrives to you. Edible dough, 6 Nestlé® Toll House® flavors & Classic Cookie. Cash, money orders and checks are the typical payments. It is our focus to provide unparalleled customer service along with exceptional products. Otis Spunkmeyer is a … Little did they know they would come back time and time again because their supporters ask when another cookie dough fundraiser will be held so they can purchase more cookies. Cookie Dough COVID-19 Impact: The health and well-being of our customers and associates is our top priority. FREE Prepackaging Don’t hurt your bank account by not choosing Fundrazor for your elementary school cookie dough fundraiser. FRESH-ness Factor You will earn money while keeping students healthy! No trans-fat or artificial oils. Earn high profits per item sold selling our products. frozen cookie dough pucks. Our shelf-stable dough can go without refrigeration for up to 21 days. Choose either tubs or pre-portioned. You can refrigerate our shelf stable dough can for as long as 6 months. When payment is received, your. Lots of fundraising ideas require cash handling or fete stalls – not Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser! That’s right, she started from scratch – to success! When the fundraising sale is over, count money for each seller and enter their totals onto the spreadsheet. Each is kosher certified and comes pre-portioned. When we do our job the way that it should be done, you will know that you made the right fundraising decision. Not just because everyone loves eating the fresh baked cookies (or raw cookie dough, we aren’t judging), but because of how easy the fundraiser is to run! Total all flavor columns on the order taker of cookie dough brochure and fill in totals if parent did not. Or pick from our best-selling cookie dough fundraisers. 8. When campaign is over and all order forms and money are turned in, you will have immediate operating capital and the balance to pay us. We'll send you our latest brochures to review in the mail. Sell the popular Kitchen & Home ® and Merry Gift Wrap Guide together. turns her 20+ years of experience working with nonprofit groups into a comprehensive, easy-to-read, guide to the profits to be made - and the pitfalls to avoid - volunteering for your school's fundraising group. We have helped schools through out the state with their Fundraising Events. Raise money for your fundraising needs selling edible cookie dough. Just place on a cookie sheet and bake. Just tell us how many seller’s you will have and we will prepare the necessary amount of fundraising materials for your elementary school cookie dough fundraiser. Select Online Store from the menu and enter seller ID: 983329. Shelf-stable cookie dough can remain at room temperature longer. But cookie dough is not as easy to come by outside the grocery store. Our 'Ultimate Cookie Collection’ brochure offers gluten free chocolate chip. Otis cookies contain no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives and 0 grams trans-fat. School fundraising ideas, cookie dough, holiday shop, fall fundraisers, gift catalog, frozen food fundraiser, Otis Spunkmeyer, Color Run Little Lambs Fundraising is a fundraising company that help schools, daycares, and groups raise money by providing products such as gourmet cookie dough, and snacks to sell. Checks and money orders are made payable to your organization. Choose a fall or spring shopper, cookie dough, frozen food, or specialty brochure. With Fundrazor, your elementary school cookie dough fundraiser order comes directly from the cookie dough manufacturer so that you can be assured that it is the FRESH-est. In School Fundraising: So Much More than Cookie Dough, Sandra Pfau Englund, Esq. Feature all 9 best selling flavors.

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