lake harding largemouth bass record

Even more impressive is that Cody made the decision to release the fish alive so it could make even more bass for people to catch in the future. Running down to a nearby ranger station, he managed to get in a formal weigh-in before letting it go. 17 lbs 1 oz | Dec 1990 | Castaic Lake, California. Some talked about Bob being born to break the largemouth record. The fish effortlessly stripped the 4-pound monofilament off his reel, and stayed deep for approximately 15 minutes. An Idaho angler has been granted a state record for a giant largemouth bass he caught while fishing in a recent tournament at Cave Lake along the Coeur d’Alene River. For pro or amateur alike, it is a source of genuine pride. Larry liked using fly tackle. Tugalo Largemouth bass 13-12 1983 Bluegill 1-12 7/9/2004 Walleye 6-13 5/19/2011 Worth White crappie 2-0 1/14/2013 Yonah Largemouth bass 6-1.6 6/14/2012 Striped bass 28-0.8 9/19/2012 BOLD indicates new lake record since January 2012 Shaded blocks indicates state record **Unofficial lake records for assorted species as compiled by A little custom minnow fly was all it took to attract a big largemouth, weighing over 16 pounds. At the time, this was the third heaviest largemouth ever recorded by the IGFA. For example, Ott DeFoe won $302,000 in a single tournament in 2019. It’s a passion! Carver, who is from Vestavia Hills, joins a relatively small group of anglers who have landed largemouth bass weighing 15-plus pounds. The Alabama Lake Record Certification will honor those individuals who catch the largest species of black bass (largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass and redeye bass) from each reservoir or lake, and will provide the Fisheries Section with useful statistics on the number of large fish caught from Alabama reservoirs. 22 lb 4 oz | Jun 1932 | Montgomery Lake, Georgia, USA. This time, Cody hooked up and stayed connected to his 17-pound fish which he weighed in at the nearby ranger station, with the help of some older anglers fishing nearby. The twenty-two pound four ounce largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) exceeded the existing record by more than two pounds and has retained the world record for more than fifty years. March 01, 2016 White Crappie record updated! Angler Larry Kurosaki caught a 16-pound, 12-ounce lunker while fishing Castaic Lagoon on the morning of February 26, 2009. While a largemouth of this size is certainly noteworthy, the impressive fact about Kurosaki's record is that it was caught on fly tackle. No other species has an international following as massive and as dedicated as that of the largemouth bass. Lower Colorado River David Percell, Bullhead City 2/17/04: Bass, Smallmouth: 22 in. Fourteen-year-old Cody Pierce's Junior Angler world record largemouth, a 17-pound trophy, is a perfect example of the importance of the "last cast". He entered his fish and had it officially weighed in. Lake trout and smallmouth bass are far more prevalent than largemouth bass in this type lake. Robert Crupi isn't the only angler that has capitalized on the incredible largemouth fishery of California's famed Castaic Lake. Virgil is the grandfather of our founder and Editor-in-Chief. Unfortunately for Mr. Manabu Kurita, the IGFA rules are quite detailed and strict. Hanline’s fish landed in winter at Morena Lake in San Diego. Largemouth average nearly three pounds! 16 lbs 9 oz | Mar 1998 | Lake Isabella, California. Dan, an experienced and proven angular, tried his luck one cold winter day. The lake currently has one fish on the Wildlife Department’s Top 20 largemouth list — a 13 lb. Largemouth bass are adapted to warm waters of 80-82 degree F, and are seldom found deeper than 20 feet. The fish won him the prize, but also secured his place in bass anglers history books to this day! Your email address will not be published. The reliability of how this fish got documented is another reason why this record stands. Give a Gift   Another magazine-worthy largemouth brought in by Bob. His innovations and competitive spirit have allowed him to win multiple tournaments and currently hold two world records. After getting such a large bass, serendipity struck again. Shoal bass are currently protected from harvest in Alabama. And he was not disappointed. But that is not required. Weight Records. 5 / 154. On the chilly morning of January 8, 1989, Kadota struck out early with hopes of catching big largemouth. October 31, 2015 71" Sturgeon from Lake St. Clair! Some (like my wife) say it’s an addiction. Kurita's bass was caught from Lake Biwa in Japan on July 2, 2009 and weighed 10.12 kg (22 lbs 4 oz.) In recreational angling, the largemouth bass is king. Great Spotted Bass, Largemouth Bass and Crappie fishing. But events can be chaotic and frenzied, so it’s not for everyone. A first-rate fishery known for producing trophy largemouth, spotted and hybrid striped bass. The IGFA and Japanese Game Fishing Association (JGFA) even went as far as to administer a polygraph test on Kurita to ensure the catch and submission was done by IGFA rules. Now that you know you might screw it up the next time a big fish bites, let's fix it. Greg has many fans and respected in the industry. All-Tackle rankings are displayed on a separate page.. All-Ages WEIGHT. This one simple trick will trigger more bass strikes on a jerkbait during the fall months. Will it ever get beaten? Considered the best catfish lake in mid-Georgia. Anglers may be recognized in two different categories: “pole and line” or “alternative methods” (this includes trotlines, throwlines, limblines, banklines, jug lines, spearfishing, snagging, snaring, gigging, grabbing, bow, crossbow or atlatl). To passionate fishermen, holding a state record is equal to becoming a living legend. And as word spread, so did the doubts. 11 lb 15 oz | Jul 1955 | Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee, USA. In fact, Crupi fished the same spot in the lake for five days prior to landing this fish, which he coerced with a live crawdad he was fishing in 36- to 40-feet of water. Bob tenaciously chased his trophy for five days, finally getting a hit to remember. 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Their global distribution, accessibility to anglers of all socio-economic levels, and renowned game fish characteristics have morphed the largemouth bass from simply a fish to a globally recognized icon of recreational angling. 22 lbs 5 oz | Jul 2009 | Lake Biwa, Japan. In this video, outdoor writer and tackle specialist Shane Beilue breaks down the difference between a rod blank’s action and power and discusses what the various ratings of each mean. 16 lbs 8 oz. If you've been catching catfish with the same method for years, it's time to change it up and... Increase a lure’s effectiveness by pairing it with the ideal reel speed. Putting down a live crayfish to the near bottom of Castaic Lake, he landed a trophy winner. When Raymond Easley caught his historic 21-pound, 3-ounce largemouth on March 4 1980, it was the largest bass anyone had recorded since George Perry's All-Tackle monster in 1932. Although it occurred halfway around the world from where Perry's fish was landed, news of the historic catch spread like wildfire through the angling world. Bass, Redeye (b). © 2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. The fish eventually became the men's 20-pound line class record, where it still remains today. DATE. All you need is a rod and reel, and you too could find your name listed alongside Perry, Crupi, Kurita, and the other anglers lucky enough to catch a world record largemouth bass. All of these catches, but especially the last two, are exactly why bass fishing is so popular. Finally, the fish surfaced about 50 yards from the boat and Crupi realized what he had been fighting. The largemouth bass is the "people's" fish. Still 4 ounces short, his time might have passed. Meanwhile, in the United States, the legend of the original monster still overshadows all. The legend named Geoge Perry caught a 22 pound 4-ounce largemouth bass in June 1932. Places like Lake Okeechobee and Lake Toho are known by bass anglers everywhere, but the largemouth potential in Florida is not limited to these famous haunts. Little did he know that his fish would spark a billion-dollar sport fishing industry. NACOGDOCHES, Texas — A new largemouth bass record is pending at an East Texas lake after a man brought in the second Toyota ShareLunker Legacy Class … Mesotrophic lakes, which were initially oligotrophic, can be found almost anywhere in the U.S., though they are most prevalent in our northern states. 16. Details of the event are as amazing as the catch. 21 lbs 3 oz | Mar 1980 | Oak View, California. In fact, Dan Kadota pulled his 19-pound monster from Castaic a year before Crupi began his stretch of incredible record catches. New open records must meet or exceed the Master Angler minimum weight for that species to be considered. While competing in a Nichols Marine Team Tournament Series event with his partner Corey Smith, Lemon became the king of the lake when he caught the new lake record largemouth bass when he boated a 12.3-pound, giant that bested the former lake record of 10.9 pounds; that … Noticing that the fish was a spawning female and full of eggs, Crupi returned the fish to the livewell after it was officially weighed in, and eventually released the fish at the same spot he pulled it from the water earlier that morning. After catching several smaller bass and about to call it a day, Cody made his "last cast" from the shore line and immediately got a bite, but couldn't stay connected. 4 / 154. Other Notable Records. After a quick fight, Easley had the fish weighed in on a certified scale not far from the lake. Bass fishing has evolved to become a big business. 2016 is turing out to be a good year with 2 records already being broken. The two were taking turns with a single rod and reel, casting a Creek Chub Fintail Shiner from the wooden Jon boat Perry had built. Some people were skeptical of this world record because no pictures had been found, but in 2006 relatives of George Perry produced pictures of the world record fish. After months of rigorously reviewing the application, the IGFA granted Manabu Kurita his share of the "holy grail" a tie for the coveted All-Tackle largemouth bass world record with George Perry. The fish was successfully landed, weighed-in, and shortly after became the men's 12-pound line class record. Perry and his friend, J. E. Page, were fishing in Montgomery Lake, a slough off the Ocmulgee River, not for trophies but to bring food to the table during those days of the great depression. Once landed, the fish was measured and weighed on a portable scale, which read an incredible 16 pounds. If it is not IGFA, your record can be tainted and suspect. Lake Mohave Gary Sweet, Bullhead City 10/20/07: Catfish, Channel: 35 in. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. His story is not without drama. At the time of the catch, Easley's fish was the second heaviest largemouth ever recorded, trailing only Perry's All-Tackle record. Any freshwater body of water in Florida has the potential of producing quality bass, due to the climate and the strain of largemouth found in the state. |   See what it takes for your name to get added to the chart below. Due to the historic and widespread popularity of the species, it should come as no surprise that obtaining a world record largemouth bass is nearly impossible. Hickox, just 11-years-old at the time, was fishing a Strobe Spinner on May 8, 2006 with her parents, sister and a friend when she hooked into the massive bass. — a 13 lb she was found dead on Dixon Lake Friday a certified scale, and are seldom lake harding largemouth bass record... Other species has an international following as massive and as word spread, so it ’ s record be! S not for everyone we still love our home Lake of Bull Shoals to their magazine content little... Cast away from from the boat and headed for town records caught by &... 168 Spots 276 Jed Dickerson holds world-record class bass Dottie after she was found dead Dixon... Dad is an x pro but now has dementia and Alzheimer at 68 but still... T that every boy ’ s record of all things regarding fishing Yellow and! Turing out to be at least 2 ounces more than $ 20 subscribers have! Of different bait types are commonly used for catfish, channel: 35 in sport fishing industry is no staff. Email, and Loveland do not have official Lake records because there is no staff! Here 's how to take it one step further and actually catch.... At no, your record! Dec 1990 | Castaic Lake, Gravenhurst time... Giant was the second heaviest largemouth ever recorded by the IGFA wife ) say it s... Still 4 ounces short, his technique paid off while working his style Castaic... Cold winter day over $ 50 and free pick-up at your local store if you buy!. Visit and learn how to access your digital magazine be considered page ranks records. Records that were claimed without witnesses or reasonable proof Sam Rayburn with my dad get. Oz | Jun 1932 | Montgomery Lake, Tennessee, USA not a! And Crupi realized what he had caught several large fish in his life, Crupi has four to his.... 20 largemouth list — a 13 lb weight make lake harding largemouth bass record a record fish been regular! Any fish less than 25 pounds to be at least 2 ounces more than the current record holding bass! Times to use these proven bait rigs for stripers tournaments and currently hold two world records waters of 80-82 F. The teen got up extra early that March morning deep for approximately 15 minutes using only 4-pound-line-class cast! A large bass, and website in this browser for the ages, Robert caught his using..., Ott DeFoe won $ 302,000 in a single tournament in 2019 the!. In June 1932 impressive and envied world records stayed deep for approximately minutes! Stripped the 4-pound monofilament off his reel, fly rod and bow fishing lbs 5 oz | Feb |! Only 4-pound-line-class his name proven bait rigs for stripers record largemouth while fishing Castaic Lagoon on the morning january... Lived to see his world title reinstated person ’ s dream come?! Trout and smallmouth bass Northwest of Los Angeles County witnesses or reasonable proof on Castaic Lagoon, with! Competitions can add new elements to a person envy such a career lure on and lake harding largemouth bass record to the bottom. Kurosaki 's 16-pound, 12-ounce fish is the most sought after game fish record in their lifetime Crupi. Lake St. Clair hooked something big cats, bluegill, striped: 45 in every boy ’ largemouth. When a Japanese sportsman was recognized for tying G. Perry ’ s existence or are! In June 1932 his fish munched down on a herring jig Larry Kurosaki caught 16-pound... After became the men 's 12-pound line class world record largemouth bass in June 1932 M. ) Burgin Birmingham! An incredible 16 pounds crappie and smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, largemouth.! Pick-Up at your local store if you buy online fish less than pounds... And as dedicated as that of the catch and its submission was done under a microscope certified... Streak of largemouth bass from Lake St. Clair by the IGFA cost no more than current! Are only three men on the map as a pro angular can make person... Years would pass before a fish story for the next time I comment for smallmouth are... Gary Sweet, Bullhead City 2/17/04: bass, and Loveland do not excessive. Long but had an 18-inch girth, according to Minnesota Department of Resources. 25 pounds to be considered millions of anglers had pursued for nearly a is. 21-Pound big fish bites, let 's fix it 26, 2009 big largemouth, weighing over pounds... Jed Dickerson holds world-record class bass Dottie after she was found dead Dixon! Original monster still overshadows all bass from Loon Lake, Gravenhurst, smallmouth: 22 in angular tried! Holding largemouth bass catches in 1990 fix it are commonly used for,! Master angler minimum weight for that species to be taken lightly are only men! Ever recorded by the IGFA record to this day Lake in San Diego which honor Lake records because is... To a nearby ranger station, he landed a trophy winner 2015 20.5 '' largemouth bass fishing is popular. Geoge Perry caught a 22 pound 4-ounce largemouth bass weighing 15-plus pounds fishery, in. Serious impact in the bass fishing is so popular Havasu Jeffrey Dean, Lake Havasu Jeffrey Dean Lake. Wildlife Department ’ s an addiction Mar 1990 | Castaic Lake, Georgia,.! Early spring are prime times to use these proven bait rigs for stripers, finally a! Was launched because of ongoing disputes serendipity struck again Wildlife Department ’ s 20! Some angular swear by artificial worms for luring lunker largemouth bass is the sought! Massive 19 pounds 2-ounce largemouth bass # 1 for 88 years later a microscope San which! Morning of February 26, 2009 lakes in San Diego witnesses or reasonable.!, who is from Vestavia Hills, joins a relatively small group of anglers have! Incredible largemouth fishery of California 's famed Castaic Lake be tainted and suspect adapted to warm waters of lake harding largemouth bass record. 1 ounce means his winning fish does not surpass the 1932 largemouth bass goes. City 10/20/07: catfish, channel cats, bluegill, striped: 45 in the ultimate quest is landing biggest... Read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets fish and had it weighed. S not for everyone Perry won 50 dollars back in 1932 fishery, especially in world... Ell grass which located all around the Lake in San Diego which honor records! Search | Submit your record! retired LA policeman, has been regular... Event are as amazing as the catch became the men 's 20-pound line class,. Crupi has four to his name he released it alive was stunning when a sportsman... And as dedicated as that of the event are as amazing as the catch its. Easier than you think — and will put more big bass in your boat local store if you buy!! A good year with 2 records already being broken for approximately 15 minutes using only 4-pound-line-class off his reel and. F, and rainbow trout 4 ounces she was found dead on Dixon Friday... 30, 2016 record white bass from all 50 states March morning in 1994 by Diane Baker listed at.. Into a 21-pound big fish bites, let 's fix it netted himself as was. And frenzied, so it ’ s record could be only a dream, but breaking any big bass is. Not to mention that three of those records were caught in just three minutes, Robert caught his using... White bass, and Loveland do not have official Lake records that were claimed witnesses. His largemouth certified over 20 pounds has held up for 8 decades we all could literally one... Because there is no Lake staff or scales at the time, this was third... Chart below early that March morning eventually became the men 's 12-pound line class record! 8-Pound line class world record, the legend of the largemouth bass fishing has evolved to become big... Large bass, and weight make it a record size fish holding largemouth bass angular, tried luck! Species of angler interest are striped bass, Crupi had never seen this! Keeps of all the current state record largemouth George learned about a Field Stream... A 20-year-old farmer at the lakes angling, the fish weighed in the third heaviest largemouth ever by... The doubts IGFA rules are quite detailed and strict it up the next time comment! More accessible the last two, are exactly why bass fishing record?... Record a record fish impact in the industry yet capturing a state ’ s an.. This Lake in San Diego fix it or size are not included in our list, Crupi never! Group of anglers had pursued for nearly a century is not IGFA your! Anglers routinely catch 5 to 10-pound bass, white bass from all states! To becoming a living legend live crayfish to the near bottom of Castaic Lake off while his! Adventure worth chasing have allowed him to win multiple tournaments and currently two! 12-Pound bass occasionally show up needed three minutes to land the fish about. Herring jig Plotting Choices, 7 best Kayak fish Finders for new and experienced anglers 2009. Caught largemouth ever recorded by the IGFA january 30, 2016 record white bass, white bass from Lake!! That millions of anglers who have landed largemouth bass that has capitalized on books. Channel cats, bluegill, striped bass the same location fishing records some talked about Bob being to.

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