kielbasa and potato recipes

A definite keeper. Yum, that sounds delicious! With it being so busy this time of year, I like to have some easy dinner recipes for my family such as this kielbasa and potatoes recipe.I have a few kielbasa recipes on my site because we usually have it on hand and because it’s great in skillet dinners like this with your meat-starch-veggie all in one. Total Carbohydrate YUM! Thanks for sharing your great tip with other readers! I hope you enjoy it and please let us know how it goes. Hi Frances, squash will cook faster but that should work so long as you don’t slice it too thinly. Anyway, thank you so much for your recipe! My wife Iryna is from Belarus and she often makes pelmeni and piroshki. I used garlic flavored olive oil, dried sweet basil, black pepper and extra garlic powder (love garlic), and added onion and bell pepper. Do you have a recipe for that? That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing your great review with other readers Mary! Thank you so much for your help with that! Braised Kielbasa, Potatoes and Cabbage Recipes, Food and Cooking onion, cabbage, oil, kielbasa, water, pepper, garlic, salt, potatoes Kielbasa & Potatoes in Cheese Sauce The Midnight Baker salt, kielbasa sausage, chopped onion, flour, process cheese spread and 7 more A family favorite!! Thank you. I’ve been making this recipe, well let’s say variation of this recipe, once a week. I’ve made it with white, russet, young, red and baby white potatoes – all equally tasty. I wonder if maybe the rings of kielbasa were cut too thin or if the pan was too close to the heating element. Thank you. I’m happy to hear you enjoy the recipe! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the recipe! —Taste of I also stirred my dish halfway through cooking and nothing stocked. I can eat potatoes and kielbasa several times I week, I don’t because… you know but I totally crave that stuff. Hi Jamie, that should work fine to use yellow potatoes. My husband and 1.5yr old son loved it. I didn’t have a garlic press, so I learned how to press garlic (using some kosher salt). Can you tell me what you use in the baking tray to stop them sticking? lol thank you❤, You’re welcome, LOL! This is one of those recipes that is incredibly tempting to sample away until there’s not much left (I’m speaking from experience here). Are you using a non-stick pan? Shall be doubling the portions so I can spare some for the neighbors. Maybe it’s the source of the potatoes, or have you tried different sources? It was perfect! I can imagine that smell. Nancy , Hi Nancy, the type of dipping sauce is usually dictated by the children And they love either ranch, fry sauce (equal parts ketchup and mayo), or this avocado ranch is a favorite in our house . I’m guessing that the smaller the piece, the more flavor would have been absorbed. LOVE THIS SO MUCH SO EASY AND HUBBY LOVES IT. The recipe multiplier suggests 15 pounds which seems a bit excessive. Paired with a salad…Dinner for 7 for under $5 and the whole family loved it, thanks! Slice Kielbasa into 3/4" thick rings. Spread onto baking sheet and bake at 400˚F for 45-50 min or until potatoes are browned an crisp. I have a super picky family…and this was a hit with everyone, especially me, with how easy it was to make. I’m so happy you enjoyed this recipe! That sounds like a great idea for next time. I decided to make this for the third time. Hi Alaena, it’s great with any cucumber, or cucumber/tomato or cucumber tomato avocado salad . I’m so glad you’re enjoying our recipes. YUM! Hi Alina, I’ve never had a bitter taste from red potatoes. Kudos. I’m glad to hear you enjoy the recipe Anna! Enjoy. Added red and green bell peppers and sliced carrots. I’m so happy that worked for you and you loved it Mattie! I’ve made it twice, following the recipe exactly. I’m glad to hear that Brenda! Thank you for sharing that with all of us Charles! Some sort of mesh heat proof mat? Hi Natasha. Great! Spread onto baking … lol. Thank you so much for sharing that with me! I baked at 400 degrees for 22 minutes, took the potatoes out and mixed in the kielbasa pieces and then had to bake for another 35 minutes to be done. It's especially perfect on those cold late fall and early winter nights. Love trying your recipes!! I only have russet potatoes and I really want to make this. I will try it again another time. The family loved it, and they asked for me to make it again!!! Yes. HI NATASHA, TRIED WITH DICED BELL PEPPERS AND ONIONS. This recipe is quick and easy and delicious. Don’t you just love easy recipes like this?! Hi Yuliya, my children usually dictate the type of sauce And they love either ranch, fry sauce (equal parts ketchup and mayo), or this avocado ranch is a favorite in our house . use turkey kielbasa….. or chicken sausage, etc. Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! Cheesy Potato Kielbasa Soup This is a very hearty and rich soup. Add the red onion and cook until just wilted but still crunchy, 1 to 2 minutes. I sent the recipe to my sister and (Polish) mother. Thanks for the wonderful recipes. It was delicious. Hi Jen, we have this note in the recipe “Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, or Silpat.” Also, the recipe is mixed in olive oil that helps it from sticking. Delicious recipe. I looked at ur recipe on FB every single one….An I really really love all the recipes…..try some an was very very successful some came out maybe not looking at urs but must say u got some very very delicious recipes…also comment on all an like ur page…An would be looking forward to more in the future….An hope u do some easy Christmas sponge cake love it. I think the kielbasa should be added halfway through. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! I love that you are sharing this with your community, Tamara! How to make POTATO KIELBASA SOUP Step 1. Could I put aluminum foil on my pan? I’m happy to hear your family enjoys the recipe as much as mine does! potatoes 1/2″ cubes and kielbasa 3/4″ cubes. This was easy and delicious! It was sooo good. Add potato cubes and stir until lightly ... 10 minutes). We are so happy you're here. Thank you Valerie! She asked me to pickup some kielbasa yesterday to test out a new dish for the Holidays, however wasn’t certain of the best way to prepare it. The second time I used russet potatoes, and both times it came out perfectly. Add enough water to not quite cover potatoes. I think it is my fault. I made a few additions for myself, such as zucchini and carrots, which I added halfway through baking the potatoes and kielbasa, and some fresh dill as well, just because I love putting fresh dill on pretty much everything. Thanks Natasha. Cut potatoes into rings no larger than 1/2" thick. I’m glad you love it Victoria! Hi, I have made this before and my hubby loved it ! Love quick easy cheap meals, being a first time mama it helps! Yummy looks amazing. I am “hooked” on your website or should I say addicted…it is WONDERFUL and I just turned a friend of mine to it . My potatoes stuck to the pan! Thanks for sharing Crystal . Thank you! Hi Karen! I’m sure everyone will love it! It was so easy. You could even toss the potatoes on the baking sheet if you wanted to, saving yourself some dishes. Hi Vicki, absolutely! I have not tested that but I imagine it may work. Does this amount of potatoes fit 9 by 13 pan ? Glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe Karen . So easy and so tasty! Thank you for sharing that amazing feedback! Sounds like a good plan. Quite edible, but could definitely be better. Carrie, I don’t have a specific recipe but you can use your favorite dipping sauce. Make sure your sausage is in larger pieces, your potatoes are not too thinly sliced and this recipe will turn out beautifully. If so, how long do you suggest? Steamed veggies would also work great. I followed the original cooking instructions for a total of 50 mins @ 400 degrees. I haven’t tried that but I think that would work! Delicious. I’ve been watching your videos for a few months but this i is the first recipe I’m actually trying. Hi Cindy, I haven’t tried that but I think it would be enough time for it to cook through. Looking forward to tying this recipe today. Toss in peeled, cut potatoes and cook slightly to coat potatoes with juices. I’m happy to hear your whole family enjoys this recipe! Be sure you are baking on the regular bake mode and not on convection bake mode which would bake it much faster. Took a bit longer to bake. What to make? Will the dish turn out fine by just baking the kielbasa with the potatoes?Planning to make this for my hubby tonight . I can’t say I enjoy cooking, but I love good food. Was it possible chopped too thin? Leftovers are great mixed into eggs too! Place casserole on a baking sheet, and bake in the preheated oven for 90 minutes, or until potatoes are tender.

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