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no complete laptop computers or other intact consumer electronics). 1 Benefits of Lithium Ion Jump Starters; 2 Comparison table of The Best Lithium-ion Jump Starters. ANTIGRAVITY BATTERIES USERS MANUAL USE PRODUCT ONLY AS INTENDED! Sometime later I found the jump starter case swollen, don't know why. All 4 jumpstarts have been on a single charge from the XP-10 and it still shows a full charge. Don't waste your money. I've had good luck (and a little bad) with anti-gravity batteries. Batteries can be discharged over a large temperature range, but the charge temperature is limited. Customer Comments. Actually, it is the most powerful jump starter from Antigravity Batteries reaching 18000 milliamps of capacity and 600 peak Amps of boost power. 3. My municipality (NYC) requires many retailers to accept batteries or devices containing them but I am concerned that none of them can safely handle a damaged battery. Both have similar warranties. We carry the best jump starter brands, from Duralast battery boosters to NOCO jump starter packs —and that barely scratches the surface. Use a battery charger that’s made for lithium-ion batteries. Batteries not allowed to be processed further Battery scrap must not contain radioactive elements, products, or materials and cannot be attached to any other battery scrap or object including, without limitation, a plastic, steel or aluminum base (e.g. Just charge it and take a Personal Power Supply with you where ever you go, no electricity needed. Antigravity definetely stands behind their products! The quality of the MyWeego 66s is much better than the antigravity batteries in that regard (that's my current recommendation over the XP-10). However, just a couple of days after receiving and installing the replacement battery it too has exhibited the same swelling condition as the first. The Antigravity Batteries XP-1 Micro Start is a compact Lithium Ion battery. I've had two of the AntiGravity jumpers. Since 2014, we have published and lovingly crafted voter guides as a service to our readers, first in collaboration with our friends at the New Orleans Harm Reduction Network, then separating to create and publish the guide … Low-temperature Charge MICRO-START XP-1 Thank you for purchasing the Antigravity Batteries MICRO-START XP-1. Damaged, leaking or swollen batteries should be packed in plastic. Devices that are frequently being used, like phones and cameras, often require more power to run all day than the device’s battery is rated for. It's small enough to fit in your hand yet has the amazing power to Jump-Start Diesel vehicles up to 4.5L, and any Car, Truck, Motorcycle or other Powersports Vehicles. Table 1: Permissible temperature limits for various batteries. Antigravity Batteries XP-10 Micro-Start Jump Starter Well I have only had this item for a month or so but I have already had to use it 4 times to start my 4.6L Mustang. Lower SGs are sometimes used to help maximize battery life, especially in hot conditions. A regular smartphone battery loses up to 20% of its capacity per yeardue to nighttime full charging. That is the main reason why we expect it to be one of the best on market! Then I swapped to Antigravity 8 cell battery because of XPS 4 cell battery is too weak to crank 1200cc V-twin engine. The Micro Start Antigravity XP-5 we have is now dangerously swollen – the casing is wide open, and the internal battery is visibly swollen inside. Senior Member . Car batteries between 1.260 and 1.280. Whenever possible, use the battery charger that came with your battery. Battery … Gauge Narrator: Swelling in the upper body puts pressure on the eyes as well, which can cause vision problems. Internal Cell Balancing Mechanism Lithium-ion jump starter batteries have an inbuilt microprocessor that controls the internal cell load balancing to maximize performance. Re: antigravity battery swelling I used Antigravity XPS SC1 (4 cell) battery in my 2009 Buell XB12Scg about a few weeks with no issues. Do not leave battery products unattended while charging. That says a tremendous amount about the quality and abilities of Antigravity products. Currently running a FPZLink bought off Amazon. Do not subject to heat higher than 120°F (50°C) or swelling of pack could result. 4. If the clamps are properly connected to the battery, the White Boost LED will illuminate. 99 Jump starters based on lithium ion batteries can last up to 10 years which gives more service compared to the three years lifespan of say a lead-acid jump starter. Welcome, readers, to the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. It would only have been used a dozen times – for charging a device when my partner is on a ride out bush, and maybe twice for a bike jump start. Step 3. Press the power button on the GB50. Do not store in locations where the temperature may exceed 110°F (43°C). Decided to go with the antigravity atx-12-hd with restart, since it wasn't much more than the standard atx-12. I replaced a lithium ion battery in a device and the old battery is swollen/bulging but no otherwise damaged. Lower the charge current when cold. This is our most powerful jump-starter & personal power supply (PPS). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Antigravity XP-10-HD Heavy Duty Micro start Jump Starter Power 300 Amps / 650A Peak DIESELS up to 7.3L with Hi-Power LED Flashlight with DiscountCentralOnline WB12 Bluetooth Speakers at Reisman: A lot of us, including myself, had a shift in our vision while we're up in space. Contents. You need to keep an eye out for a larger current rating. Lithium battery chargers include a component that allows them to adjust the charge depending on how charged the battery is. Location: East Bay CA. That’s a fact. My research on LiFePO4 batteries indicate these failures are generally caused by overcharging, undercharging or other abuses such as shorting. 2.1 1 BASAF Car Jump Starter 1200A Peak,12V Portable Battery Pack ; 2.2 2 DBPOWER 800A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter ; 2.3 3 Beatit D11 800A Peak 18000mAh 12V Portable Car Jump Starter; 2.4 4 DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter ; 2.5 5 Rugged Geek … I invented Chargie to fix battery life. Boost's battery pack extends the life and running time of your device. The battery capacity inside of your iPhone, for example, is measured in “milliamp-hours," or mAh. Antigravity Batteries. I may have misunderstood... and I didnt think about it while talking to him or I would have asked for clarification. I spoke with a lithium battery maker on the phone the other day. contacted anti-gravity and they said I … When a lithium-ion cell goes into deep discharge, it is in a highly de-intercalated state (The word intercalate means to insert between layers in a crystal lattice). Join Date: May 2007. It was charged for a trip, seemed to have either discharged on its own, or all but one LED has died, and it doesn't seem to take a charge. Used to jump start my wr250r once, the rest has been for usb recharging. Swollen batteries can explode if not properly dealt with, so you don’t want to take any actions that may hasten the arrival of this unpleasant event. Assembled Product Weight: 4.00 Pounds. Make a decent product, a little high priced for what you get. Batteries intended for more leisurely applications have lower SGs. They wanted to know if I kept … I have I used to jump start a dead F250 6.0, it worked great. Don’t try to puncture the battery, don’t leave it in a hot car or a location where it could be … For best results, charge between 10°C and 30°C (50°F and 86°F). Be prepared, and get your car back on the road with a battery jump pack from AutoZone. I've been using an AntiGravity battery in my motorcycle for a few years now and it continues to do its job. Using a proper charger reduces the risk of damaging your battery. Expensive, but has top reviews, so hoping it's the best product. ANTIGRAVITY BATTERIES will warrant the MICRO-START line of products, that is purchased from an Authorized Dealer only, to be free from manufacture defects for the period of ONE YEAR.Warranty is void if product is not used as directed. CT scan of battery from deep discharge swelling (Image Courtesy of DfR Solutions) A deep discharge condition can also create safety hazards. Waiting for a call back from Anti-Gravity. a project ofOvidiu Sandru founder & CEOLighty Gadgets LLC Twitter Linkedin really smart charging What is it? The tech said the unit was swollen and the charger was slightly melted. So far so good. Connect the positive (red) battery clamp to the positive battery terminal. The Micro-Start XP-10 by Antigravity Batteries is unrivaled for performance and quality in the mini jump-start segment. Antigravity XP-10HD Micro Start Jump Starter for Car, Heavy Duty 300A/650A Peak 18000mAH Portable Battery Charger, Automotive (All Gas Engines + 7.3L Diesel), 12V Battery Booster with LED Flashlight $197.99 $ 197 . Sure enough the lead acid battery I took off was some aftermarket no name and read at something like 12.5v about an hour after shutting off the bike. That says a tremendous amount about the quality and abilities of Antigravity Batteries products. Physical dimensions are 6.75” x 3.25” x 1” and the battery itself weighs 15.25 ounces. Here's hoping that's a battery problem and not a charging problem. I asked her if my BMW dealer who sold it to me was approved, she stated she would not tell me and that I should ship item to them at my cost to see if it was a knockoff ( she told me same story about Amazon selling Knockoffs). Do not charge frozen batteries; charge only between 34°F and 104°F (1°C and 40°C). The penalty is shorter life expectancy. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00 Inches. This is the ANTIGRAVITY voter education guide, a companion to your November 3, 2020 election ballot.. It was TOP RATED as the BEST JUMP STARTER by Consumer Reports. David, purchased on December 18, 2020. Power On GB50 + Start Vehicle. Connect the negative (black) battery clamp to the negative battery terminal. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Today, I had to drive across town to the headquarters of Antigravity Batteries because my Microstart wasn't charging all the way. Thus, the tool needs to have a significantly high power rating. Great idea, poor execution. A dead battery can derail a whole day’s worth of plans. No experience with their batteries but I posted a while back about their jump starters. We were very excited as we got this Antigravity Batteries Micro Start XP 10 to review. The XP-1 is an ultra-compact Jump-Starter and Personal Power Supply. Contacted Anti-Gravity and explained problem to person on phone, she stated they would only warranty units from approved resellers. The first one got a free replacement, but not the second. Discontinue use if swelling occurs. The voltage is rather fixed, traditional vehicles using 12V batteries while heavy-duty vehicles utilize 24V batteries. The jump starter needs to be able to revive your flat battery and trigger your engine to roar again. It's three years old. 12-18-2015, 05:06 PM #5: rob_gendreau. What others said when purchasing this item. Above all else, be safe. Both had battery swelling issues which makes them completely unsafe. Lithium ion batteries are practically ubiquitous; they power everything from laptops and cell phones to cameras and tablets. Standby batteries 1.240. I don't have swelling but my XP-1 just died after about 1 1/2 years of ownership. The great part about it being lithium ion, rather than some other design means that it actually holds a charge.

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