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In this post, I’ll be taking a used Model Seven synthetic chambered in 223 Remington and converting it into a lightweight custom hunting rifle in 257 Ackley Improved (40 degree shoulder). You simply unscrew the Precision Mic, insert your fired cartridge and turning until it is completely closed on the shell casing. Seekins Precision’s no-questions-asked policy to repair or replace covers every part we manufacture for life. Precision Rifle ; AR10 in 260 Remington AR10 in 260 Remington. The Precision Mic .260 Remington is a tool for determining what the actual headspace of your rifle is based on a fired case. That was four years ago. Shop for 260 Remington Ruger Rifle And 308 Pmag 10 Round Ruger Precision Rifle Ads Immediately . Sidewinder Advanced Carbon T-II 260 Remington . He let me steal 30 cases. 260 Remington Rifle Cartridge by Nosler Inc. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Shortly after this cartridge was introduced, Nosler designers created a new Partition weight that … and an Es of around 11-12 FPS. The 2014 NRA National Championship equipment survey lists the .260 Remington as most popular caliber for both the high power rifle and high power hunter rifle competition. Remington offers the rifle in .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. In spring 2007, I had George Gardner of GA Precision chamber a 26-inch medium-Palma contour 6.5 mm barrel from Rock Creek in .260 Remington and fit it to an Accuracy International AW (AI-AW) rifle. If it wears out or breaks, regardless of how, Seekins has you covered. My sales receipt shows I paid $889.99 for the Savage LRP (Long Range Precision), a fraction of what my custom 260 Remington cost to build. I'm looking for a pretty lightweight rifle because I plan on carrying it A LOT of miles. Chambered in 260 Remington, the Sidewinder is a Rifle for the Advanced Rifleman that expects performance at long ranges. or .308 Win. The .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 6.5×55 Swede are all most common in bolt-action rifles. I will call in short word as Ruger 6 5 Precision Rifle And 260 Remington Ruger The rifle was topped with a S&B 3-12x50mm PMII scope. It is expensive, but for those who want everything this has to give, it is worth the price. 260 Remington – PrecisionRifleBlog.com. MSRP: $1,339. I had the lucky opportunity to try Alpha Munitions brass through a friend who is getting into PRS type matches. Check out our current selection of 260 Remington Rifle Reloading Brass below! Kimber is the only other domestic rifle maker that offers it, and among the imports, Sako and Tikka. Utilizing a 6.5mm (.264") diameter bullet, the .260 has a lot less recoil than its .308 parent case, but shoots much flatter. Its triangular barrel contour is a product of years of rigorous research and development focused on reducing weight, enhancing rigidity and promoting rapid heat dissipation. No questions. Pretty sad. So the .260 has … SOCOM Looks to 6.5mm Creedmoor, .260 Remington for New Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle. Carbon Fiber Handguard is extremely … Let’s put the recoil of the .260 Remington into real numbers. Typical Groups at 300 yards is less than 1 inch. I used Dans advice and tried the 4064 with the 130 Hybrid AR Bergers. My handloads for competitions were always round 5 S.D. Savage 10/110 FCP HS Precision. Both these bullets have the same 6.5 mm diameter in the round, which typically accommodate with the .308 Winchester rifles.The firearm community believes in the quality of both of these bullets. The .260 Rem. Buy an excellent 6.5 Creedmoor hunting rifle here. Show more. Looking at getting the Remington model seven ss hs precision in a 308 caliber to use for my western hunting trips. I recently surveyed the top 100+ shooters in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS), and this post reviews the calibers and cartridges those guys are running this year. The matches at my local club typically include a bolt / manual-rifle side-match. Model 700 Varmint-Tactical Rifle is a revolutionary system optimized for extended range precision and mobility. 260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor are two common cartridges used for rifles.. Flattened primers and extractor marks in the head of the case but the loads were accurate. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. By Smokecloud, December 1, 2016 in Precision Rifle. Every Seekins part. Im a beginner and I was advised to start with a Remington Model 700. However, the .260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor are also available in some semi-automatic sporting rifles (the AR-10 platform in particular) as well. Posted April 24, 2017 in AR-15, Daily News, Defense, Guns & Gear, News, Other Gear & Gadgets, Rifles by Nathaniel F with 101 Comments The AR-10 PRC 260 in .260 Remington gives precision rifle shooters a high-end rifle that can accurately deliver this capable cartridge both suppressed and unsuppressed. Several chamberings once offered in the Model Seven have fallen from the list, including the .17 and .222 Remington, .250 Savage and .257 Roberts and the .35 Remington. The .260 was rolled out in 1997, making it a fairly recent introduction. Share Followers 0. Midsouth Shooters knows it all starts with the right Rifle Brass. The 6.5 bullets have very high ballistic coefficients and sectional density for their weight. The .260 Remington is effective on antelope, sheep, goat, or caribou, while its performance is similar to the 6.5×55mm, which is widely used on moose in Sweden and Finland. Started shooting precision rifle competitions this year. Remington 700 PCR $1,049.99 Sportsmans.com. The length and contour duplicate the profile of the AI factory 26-inch 308 barrel. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 260 Remington rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. If you do not load ammunition, 6.5 Creedmoor has more choices of ammunition. 1st time muddy rainy … If you are in the USA, they are better choices of rifle than Remington or Ruger. And if it’s a great story, we’d love to hear it! Precision Mic .260 Remington by RCBS Product Overview Midsouth now offers the Precision Mic .260 Remington. Introduced in 1997, the .260 Remington is another wildcat turned commercial cartridge. A compact version of the ubiquitous Remington Model 700, the Model Seven is an excellent candidate for a lightweight hunting rifle (to read more about the Model Seven action, click here).. I finally narrowed my decision down to either 6.5 CM or 260 Remington. As a comparison, the same rifle chambered in .308 thumps you with 18 foot-pounds. Buy a really nice .260 Remington hunting rifle here. It might not win in a popularity contest, but the .260 Rem. 260 and 6.5 Creedmoor are essentially the same in ballistics and barrel life. The Alaska Wilderness Rifle, brought to market in 2002, featured the 7mm and .300 Short Action Ultra Mags. Always ran Lapua brass in my 260 Remington built by Surgeon Rifles. Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision rifle chambered in .260 Remington, has a heavy fluted barrel and one piece scope base with rings. Choose the 260 Remington Rifle Brass that's right for YOU. If you are looking for 260 Remington Rifle Reviews And 6 5 Ruger Precision Rifle For life. This one looks like its around 6 pounds so I dont think that is too bad. I was also told the .260 Remington caliber is the way to go. The 260 Remington is essentially the old wildcated 6.5-08, a 308 necked down to the .264 bullet. Even Remington, which currently lists 28 different models of centerfire rifles, offers only one, the Model Seven CDL, in .260. a New Joy guys simple budget rifle Savage with package scope Nikon Buck Mark 3-9x40 serious results on second time out. Just curious if anyone has experience with this gun. Using an eight-pound rifle, the .260 Remington generates about 12 foot-pounds of recoil energy. At the heart of any chassis rifle is a barreled action, and in this case it’s the classic Remington Model 700 short-action, chambered in 6.5 mm Creedmoor, .260 Rem. .260 Remington vs. 6.5 Creedmoor: It’s All About Understanding Rifle Twist Rates. Its heavy barrel chambered in 260 Remington, beefy action, and target trigger hinted at long range precision. Ruger 6 5 Precision Rifle And 260 Remington Ruger Rifle is best in online store. Also stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your 260 Remington rifle. This makes for a light recoil round that has very good long range ballistics. If you searching to check on 1879 Remington Rolling Block Rifle 45 70 Rifle And 260 Remington Precision Rifle price. is beginning to gain traction with hunters Been working on loads for the 260 Remington out of a 24" barreled gas gun with rifle length gas system and A2 stock and have a lot of data but still struggling. The 260 has become very popular in sniper shooting competitions. Admittedly, Savage doesn’t allot the customization many look for in a precision rifle with this long-range specialist.

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