Your 100 Kata Challenge videos and pictures just keep on coming!

Hi everyone. What an amazing event the 100 Kata Challenge became, and it was all down to you. Your response and enthusiasm to take on the challenge was incredible and by Karate Day we had over 300 dojo around the world signed up and ready to do their 100 Kata. It truly was a worldwide day of celebration of karate, led from Okinawa, the birthplace of the art.

We asked you to share your videos and pictures with us and the email and Facebook messages have just kept coming! Its been hard to keep up but we have posted most of them on our Gallery page – click here to view

Our Facebook site has also been receiving many pictures and video updates from around the world – click here to view

Enjoy the many pictures and videos from the 2014 Karate Day event and put Oct 25th, 2015 in your schedule because the Second World Karate Day will be even better!