Overseas host registration form

Hi, thanks for following the link to this page. Please use this simple form to send me your information with regards to the possibility of hosting a young person or persons visiting from Okinawa.
I am using a web form here simply for convenience in collating information from you and by entering your information here you are in no way committing to anything. There is no obligation of any kind implied here.

In the Message field of the form please include any relevant information on what hosting you would like to offer. For example, when you could host (months/year), duration of stay (weeks/months?), activities available to guest (study, work, travel, social, etc), conditions of stay (expected to help out in the home/dojo/business/school?), number of guests accepted together (one person, two, more?), etc.

So thank you for contacting me and I will follow up with you later via email or Facebook.
– James