Okinawa Karate Life – Arakaki Dojo


Okinawa Karate Life : Dojo Report

We took our new clothing range along to our karate dojo to give the members a chance to try on our new designs and give us their first impressions. And they loved it!

The Arakaki Dojo is Ozato, Okinawa is lead by Arakaki Toshimitsu sensei, 10th dan hanshi in Matsubayashiryu karate. I was very lucky to meet Arakaki sensei on an early visit to Okinawa years ago and have been training with him since. He’s a stylish gentleman and I knew he would like our new designs. But which one would he choose? Well he went for the red ‘FIGHTO, FIGHTO’ tshirt straight away. He loved the strong colour and fun design with the karate shisa figures. Red is definitely his colour. Am I going to get that t-shirt back again from him? I don’t think so!

Kinjo san went for the Karate Island shirt straightaway. He is always well dressed in a kariyushi shirt of some kind, a versatile and comfortable shirt hugely popular in Okinawa now. I can see him wearing that shirt for both work and play. He noticed the finer elements of the design such as the flying dragons and the karateka figures and asked if he could buy one right there and then.

Our new ‘Karate Baka’ hoodie was a big hit with the younger dojo members. Slipped on easily over their dogi jacket and comfortably worn immediately, they took to the hoodies and didn’t really want to take them off again. The ‘karate baka’ design raised some smiles when I explained that in Japanese although the word ‘baka’ by itself means ‘idiot’ the combined phrase ‘karate baka’ means ‘crazy about karate’ i.e. a huge karate fan. I think a lot of ‘karate baka’ are going to like this hoodie design.

So first impressions from the Arakaki Dojo were fantastic. Everyone loved the clothing, they all found something they loved. So much so that getting the sample clothing back again was a fight (a friendly fight, of course;) So thank you to Arakaki Sensei and the Arakaki Dojo members for modelling our new Karate Life range and giving us your feedback. Your orders will be arriving soon!


今回、新商品を普段一緒に稽古する仲間に紹介しました。沖縄空手をテーマにした商品を彼らは気に入ってくれるかどうかとてもドキドキしながら向かいました。新垣道場の館長は、新垣としみつ先生(10段)で道場は大里村にあります。私が沖縄に来てすぐ彼に出会うことができたのはとても幸運なことだったと今でも実感します。彼はとても紳士的でお洒落に敏感です。そんな彼がすぐに手に取ったのは「FIGHTO, FIGHTO」 Tシャツでした。力強い赤色は彼が最も好きな色です。空手シーサーの元気なデザインとTシャツのカラーがとても良いとおっしゃっていました。師匠に新商品を気に入ってもらえた事がとても嬉しかったです。今回のお礼として彼に、このTシャツを差し上げました。


空手愛好家の文字がプリントされたパーカーは、若い道場メンバーにとても人気が高く、簡単に脱ぎ着できるこのタイプのアウターは色んな場所で重宝する為、とても気に入ってくれました。パーカーを試着したメンバーは、返したくなさそうでした。また、プリントされている「Karate Baka」の意味を説明すると、道場内は笑いに包まれました。”We are crazy about Karate.” (空手バカ)の集まる道場にぴったりな商品だとみんなで納得しました。