Meet our Photography and Video partners – Chris and Adam

October 25th, Karate Day in Okinawa, is only a week and a half away now and one of the things I’m looking forward to most (apart from getting through the 100th kata repetition!) is seeing the photos and video of the event afterwards. I know we are going to have some truly excellent pictures and video clips because we are very lucky to be partnering with some of the very best on Okinawa. These guys have very kindly committed to join the 100 Kata event team and provide all of you and us with professional level images and footage of the event at Zakimi Castle.

Chris Willson is a travel writer and photographer who has lived in Okinawa for many years. Chris specializes in capturing iconic of Japan. For nearly a decade he has traveled extensively around the country, from the cobbled streets of Kyoto to the neon lit alleyways of Tokyo, from Hokkaido’s snowy peaks to Okinawa’s tropical beaches. In the karate world over the past 2 years, Chris’ portraits of Okinawan karate and kobudo masters have become famous and have been shared many many times and featured in a number of different websites and publications – visit his website at or find him and the Karate Masters Portraits Project on Facebook and Google+.

Adam Lewis is a photographer / cinematographer, with nearly two decades of experience capturing and documenting a wide variety of events and subjects. During the Blue Pacific Medialast 7 years living and working in beautiful Okinawa, Japan he has also photographed 1000’s of weddings and location photoshoots with couples and families from all over the world. His video production work has been focused towards creative pursuits, in particular music video production for bands from both Okinawa, mainland Japan and overseas. In addition he is also very active in documentary productions with OkinawaVision. Find out more about his work at