Kishimoto-Di Seminar in Okinawa

Kishimoto-Di Seminar in Okinawa

Wednesday Nov 2nd , 13:00 @ Naha Budokan

4 hour seminar on classical Shuri-te technique

Kishimoto Di is the system of Shuri-Te (Sui-Di, in the Okinawan dialect) that was passed down from Tode Sakugawa by Bushi Tachimura, who taught it to Kishimoto Soko, who taught it to Higa Seitoku, the founder of the Bugeikan. Although it shares a common ancestor with the systems we now call (Shorin-Ryu) “karate,” the system is quite unique.

Those who have been studying karate for a while, and have researched its history, will recognize many of the concepts taught in KishimotoDi as ones written about by Okinawan masters in the early 1900’s. Over time, many of the features of those concepts fell by the wayside in most karate systems, as they slowly evolved into more of a sport/physical education/character development focus.

We will introduce Tachimura no Naihanchi. Beside the kata we will look at principles and applications to understand both the form and function of Naihanchi as taught in KishimotoDi.

Ulf Karlsson sensei is the first person to be granted a Shihan License in the Tachimura-Kishimoto tradition by Higa Kiyohiko, the head of the Bugeikan on Okinawa, making him one of the foremost experts on the art.

Special Dinner at DOJO Bar for all participants

dojo-bar-logo-red-blk-01Following the Kishimoto-Di seminar all participants are warmly invited to join a special dinner at DOJO Bar in Naha City (just 15 mins from the Budokan by monorail or taxi). This event ticket is at a discounted price for seminar attendees and features an all you can eat and drink menu for 2 hours.

The DOJO Bar is the most famous karate bar in the world and a must-see for visiting martial artists. James, the owner, will greet you personally and host the dinner. In addition to Ulf Karlsson, instructor for the seminar, we are also proud to announce another Special Guest at the dinner. Higa Kiyotomo sensei is an Okinawan teacher of KishimotoDi who learned under his father Higa Kiyohiko at The Bugeikan. We look forward to listening to his stories of training and growing up in the Okinawa, as well as discussing his views on martial arts today. Please feel free to come with prepared questions for discussion with Higa sensei.

Time, Location and Tickets

Location – The Prefectural Budokan, Naha City , Okinawa. Meet at Reception on Ground Floor 30 mins in advance (1230).

Start Time – 1300 on WEDNESDAY 2ndNovember. Finish at 1700. DOJO Bar dinner booking is from 1900-2100.

Tickets – Reserve online via email ( – please make subject line “Kishimoto-di seminar”). Or call James on 08039081712.  4000 yen per person, limited to 20 attendees.  Tickets for seminar attendees for dinner and drinks at DOJO Bar are an additional 2000 yen (3500 for non-attendees of the seminar). Payable in cash on arrival.

Please wear a clean dogi and belt for this seminar. Bring a towel and drinking water. The Budokan has changing rooms with showers.