Karate seminars in Okinawa

At Challenge Okinawa we have years of experience organising karate seminars of all sizes. We have worked with Okinawan teachers across all styles in Okinawa plus many famous international teachers as guests at events here.

Are you planning to visit Okinawa and looking for a seminar event to join? Please get in touch and we can help you.
Are you hoping to organise a seminar here in Okinawa and need a local liaison to arrange teachers, venues, accommodation, entertainment and transport? We will be your local expert team on the ground.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help you. (our email address – info@challengeokinawa.com )

Sample Seminar Event 1

A fascinating martial arts seminar at the Karate Kaikan in Okinawa, Japan. Sponsored by Terry Wingrove, and organized by James Pankiewicz of Challenge Okinawa, students were introduced to a range of techniques from different styles of Okinawan karate. Guest instructors included TERRY WINGROVE – 9th dan Karate Jutsu, ISAO YAGI – 9th dan Motobu-ryu Ryukyu Bujutsu Moudi, YOSHIO KUBA – 10th dan Goju-ryu karate, and TETSUHIRO HOKAMA – 10th dan Gojuryu Karatedo

Please enjoy the highlights video below.


Sample Seminar Event 2

Our Yuimaru Hakken seminar in Okinawa in 2019 received very positive reviews from all 18 attendees who came in from countries as diverse as Canada, the USA, Singapore, Finland, India, China and Germany. Ability and experience levels ranged from a few years to decades of experience and teachers in their own dojos but all said they benefited enormously and took much away to enhance their practice and to pass on to their students. Okinawan instructors included Nakasone Koichi sensei (Shuri-te), Gaja Takehiro sensei (Uechi-ryu), and Yagi Isao sensei (Moide Motobu-ryu).

We organised a full 15 day package of seminars with 5 different teachers, accommodation in 4 beautiful locations around the island, transportation from hotel to seminar venue and day trips too, special meal events and outdoor activities. 

Please enjoy the highlights video below.

Yuimaru Hakken Karate Seminar 2020 - click image for event page
Yuimaru Hakken Karate Seminar 2020 – sample event