Its a Worldwide Event (have you signed up yet?) and we got on to local radio!

What a week its been since we launched this website, and our Facebook page, and invited you all to register and join the 100 Kata event. We are off to a fantastic start as registrations pour in from all over the globe. We have sign ups from Japan, the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, Brazil, India, Argentina, Columbia, Belgium, SouthFlagGlobe Africa, Wales, Ireland, Bermuda and Portugal. Our single largest group registered so far from Buenos Aires, Argentina IOGKF dojo under Gustavo Tata sensei with 59 signed up to join the 100 Kata challenge – much respect to you guys. Let’s see if you can keep the top place!

If you haven’t signed up don’t wait, SIGN UP TODAY!

FREE POSTER DOWNLOADS NOW AVAILABLE – download and print Event posters (PDF)

And please share the event page and the posters with your friends worldwide!

We got on the local radio station!
Local press interest in the 100 Kata event is also building up quickly. A few days ago James Pankiewicz was invited onto FM Yomitan, the local radio station for the area where the event will be held, to talk about how the event was conceived, how interest is growing rapidly around the world and a little bit on why karate events like this have such a special appeal. The interview was held mostly in Japanese and streamed on Ustream live (that was nerve racking!) – you can check out the program here (I recommend jumping to about 10 mins in for the start of the interview).
ustream FM Yomitan interview on uStream. Click icon to view.

At FM Yomitan with DJ Nakasone

At FM Yomitan with DJ Nakasone

地元記者の100型イベントへの関心も、急速に増進しています。数日前にジェームス•パンキュビッチは、イベントが行われる地元のラジオ局のFMよみたんに招待されました。どのようにイベントが考案されたか、どのように世界中へと関心が急速に広がっていったか、また、このような空手イベントがなぜそのような特別な魅力を持っているかについて少し話して来ました。インタビューは、主に日本語で開催され、ユーストリームライブ上で流れました。(とても緊張しました!) このインタビュー動画はここから確認できます。(インタビューの開始までの約10分間を、飛ばして見ることをお勧めします。)

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