1st CYBERBUDO Budosai Seminar in Okinawa

Challenge Okinawa is very proud to sponsor and host this special event in Okinawa:

The 1st CYBERBUDO Budosai Seminar in Okinawa

SATURDAY APRIL 29th. Start time 9AM (finish by 6PM)

LOCATION: The Karate Kaikan in Tomishiro (空手会館、豊見城市)

We are very lucky to have Terry Wingrove Hanshi visiting Okinawa and sponsoring this special event.

We have opened this event to additional attendees but you must contact James Pankiewicz in advance to confirm permission to attend. There is no fee for this event.

13151805_10206319852290425_4340184716273957304_nWingrove Hanshi spent 21 years in Japan and is in his 50th year in karate.  He received his 8th dan Kyoshi, 18 years ago in Kyoto.

8th Dan Karate (FAJKO, WUKO), 9th Dan Jujitsu (EJJU, IJJF), 3rd Dan Aikido, 3rd Dan Judo.


This event has been designed to introduce attendees to a range of styles and teachers prominent in Okinawa today who teach traditional Okinawan technique. The seminar will include 3 guest instructors demonstrating techniques from Motobu Udundi and Goju-ryu karate. Featuring and Sponsored by Terry Wingrove Hanshi with:


YAGI ISAO Hanshi –  9th dan Motobu-ryu Ryukyu Bujutsu Moudi, instructor in MOTOBU UDUNDI, the ancient royal palace art which was kept secret until recent times. Motobu Udundi

Isao Yagi 9th dan Ryukyu Royal Family Martial Arts Bu Mai Moidi Motobu ryu Gassen Tuidi School

Isao Yagi 9th dan Ryukyu Royal Family Martial Arts Bu Mai Moidi Motobu ryu Gassen Tuidi School

blends te (the precursor of karate) kobudo (weapons) and Ryukyu dance. The name comes from the fact that it was passed down through the noble Motobu family of the udun rank, with the di coming from ti, meaning bujutsu–martial art–in Ryukyuan. Motobu Udundi is considered a “general” martial art in that it makes use of punching and kicking striking techniques, joint locking and throwing techniques known as tuiti, and a variety of weapons.


KUBA YOSHIO Hanshi – instructor in Goju-ryu karate

kubaYoshio Kuba is a 10th Dan black belt and is the head of the Kenpokai in Okinawa, Japan. He was a direct student of Seikichi Toguchi Sensei, who was a student of Chojun Miyagi Sensei and Seiko Higa Sensei. Kuba Sensei epitomizes the understanding of Goju and his understand of its concepts and application is legendary but off and on the dojo floor. He run a full time acupuncturist practice in Okinawa and is head of the Acupuncture Association in Japan.


HOKAMA TETSUHIRO Hanshi 10th Dan Gojuryu Karatedo Hanshi, President of the Okinawa Gojuryu Kenshi Kai Karatedo Kobudo Association and founder ofHokama the first Karatedo museum in the World. Hanshi Hokama is one of the most knowledgeable Gojuryu Karatedo masters. He has a deep understanding of the “Old Ways” of Karate. He is also a very accomplished and skilled calligrapher, or Japanese SHODO.




9AM – Registration and greetings followed by Terry Wingrove Hanshi introductory session


10:30 – 12:30 – YAGI ISAO Hanshi – MOTOBU UDUNDI


12:30- 1:30PM – LUNCH.


1:30 – 3:30PM – KUBA YOSHIO Hanshi – GOJURYU


3:30 Break time


4:00PM-6PM – HOKAMA TETSUHIRO Hanshi. Hokama sensei will teach GOJURYU technique for 60 mins, then will demonstrate SHODO for participants and produce Shodo pieces upon request. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase an original and unique piece of Shodo for your home or dojo. Typically prices per piece are 5000 yen – 10000 yen depending on the size and materials.


5:45 Seminar closes – we must exit the room by 6PM so please collect all your belongings and ensure no rubbish of any kind of left behind.

Changing rooms with showers (100 yen) are available inside the Kaikan.


7PM – post seminar dinner

We have reserved a 2 hour 40 seat booking at NOTO NO UMI , featuring a very tasty Okinawan cuisine menu and all-you-can-drink special course! This restaurant is only a 10 minute ride by taxi from the Kaikan. Cost per person is 4000 yen. Please contact James Pankiewicz for reservations.

NOTO NO UMI, Naha, Kaniharacho 10-8,  2nd floor.  098-852-1714. Near ONOYAMAKOEN monorail station.



Following dinner you are warmly invited to meet at The DOJO Bar for drinks.

DOJO Bar (www.dojobarnaha.com)

Nearest monorail station is MAKISHI.

2017 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge participation certificates available for download.

Greetings from Okinawa. With just less than one week to go until the 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge event I am thrilled to see that over 40 dojo in 26 countries have signed up to participate. To know that so many of you will be taking on this challenge on the same day as us here in Okinawa is truly uplifting. Please do be aware that when our Okinawan kobudo teachers hear about how many kobudo students around the world are passionate and committed to practising their art they are genuinely pleased and very happy.  Let’s keep their tradition alive and strong and I wish everyone a very very enjoyable day on Sunday.

So, apologies for the lateness but PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATES are now available here for free download for those instructors who wish to give one to their students. In the spirit of this free event please do not resell or charge for these certificates. Thank you.

PDF file

Download (PDF, 1.92MB)

Introducing The Okinawan Karate Nerd Programme (OKNP)

Would you like to experience Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate?

Today is your lucky day!



OKNP is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young Karate Nerds between the ages of 18-35 to fly to Okinawa and live there for 6-12 months and experience the Way of Karate at its source.

This programme is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Jesse Enkamp, chief karate nerd at KARATEbyJesse.com, and James Pankiewicz, founder of The DOJO Bar and Challenge Okinawa, together with Seishin International as proud sponsor.

If you are a young Karate Nerd who dreams of discovering the essence of Karate (…and yourself) – keep reading.

The Okinawan Karate Nerd Programme includes:

– 6 or 12 months living in Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate.

– Daily training with traditional Karate masters and living legends.

– Hands on involvement behind the scenes in Okinawan seminars and events.

– Assistance in working part time in local businesses and assisting at Challenge Okinawa (The 100 Kata Event, international seminars etc).

– Access to unique Okinawan cultural activities such as working in a awamori factory or with a master sanshin maker, exploring Okinawa’s mountain trails, or coastline on kayak, exploring Okinawa’s castles and caves, learn to cook traditional food etc.

If you are accepted into OKNP, the following will be provided for you:

– Pre-trip advice on visa application (applicant must apply themselves) and general preparation help.

– Airport pick up, good value accommodation (applicant pays) and orientation on Okinawa.

– Help with designing personal training programme, introductions to local teachers and access to other Karate resources.

– Help with finding part time work such as at The DOJO Bar or other local businesses,  and/or as assistant in local Karate events.

– Introduction to cultural and learning opportunities such as Japanese lessons, calligraphy lessons, cooking classes etc.

– Special excursions and trips around Okinawa and nearby islands to discover unique locations and people.

– Any assistance required with other necessary services such as travel, local government, medical etc.


Sounds amazing, right? Click here to get access to the application form.