Certificates of Participation – FREE PDF DOWNLOADS

I received an excellent suggestion from a friend (Thanks Jamie;) a few days ago. “You should produce a Certificate of Participation for dojo owners to award to their students”, he said. Great idea, I thought, let’s do it.
And after asking for help with the design from the worldwide 100 Kata challenge family (that’s all of you!) we got a handful of great designs and had a hard time choosing, but in the end selected a design from Roberto Zapata in Columbia. And then we went a step further, again with the help of a number of very generous people and produced certificates in multiple languages.
So my special thanks to Roberto, Jamie, Serge as well as all the other friends who sent me designs. We may well use those other designs for future events by the way.

So here are your free PDF download links.

These certificates are provided FREE that you may provide them free to all your participating students. Please feel free to add your signature as their instructor to the certificate too. Right click on the link and select Save As to save the PDF file to your PC.

Certificate 100 kata 2014 ENGLISH
Certificate 100 kata 2014 ESPANOL
Certificate 100 kata 2014 FRANCAIS
Certificate 100 kata 2014 JAPANESE
Certificate 100 kata 2014 RUSSIAN

Gambatte kudasai!!