2017 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge participation certificates available for download.

Greetings from Okinawa. With just less than one week to go until the 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge event I am thrilled to see that over 40 dojo in 26 countries have signed up to participate. To know that so many of you will be taking on this challenge on the same day as us here in Okinawa is truly uplifting. Please do be aware that when our Okinawan kobudo teachers hear about how many kobudo students around the world are passionate and committed to practising their art they are genuinely pleased and very happy.  Let’s keep their tradition alive and strong and I wish everyone a very very enjoyable day on Sunday.

So, apologies for the lateness but PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATES are now available here for free download for those instructors who wish to give one to their students. In the spirit of this free event please do not resell or charge for these certificates. Thank you.

PDF file

Download (PDF, Unknown)